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On the afternoon of July 7, 2017, KCLKA Machinery held a special meeting on administrative and personnel work. The meeting was presided over by General Manager Su Yiyang, promulgated a new KCLKA Machinery management organizational structure, and appointed managers above the team leader level. The new organizational structure more accurately plans the organizational relationship and procedures of each system and department, and more clearly defines the mission and responsibility of the management team with General Manager Su Yiyang as the core. During the meeting, Tian Shoulong, deputy director of human resources of Shengda Group (member of KCLKA Machinery Advisory Group), gave a speech on the "July-September 2017 Human Resources Department Work Promotion Plan", and introduced the six major modules of human resources and six administrative modules of KCLKA Company The establishment is described in detail. Zeng Huaan, Director of the General Manager Office of Shengda Group (KCLKA Machinery Consulting Group ERP Project Director) attended the meeting and delivered a speech. (Attachment: Organization Chart of Jinjiang KCLKA Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)

On July 21, 2017, the salesman of the overseas office was recalled to the company, and participated in the "team field development activity" organized by a professional training institution in Xiamen on the 22nd and 23rd with the company's business personnel, some production backbones and after-sales backbones. The day and night outward bound training made the trainees feel deeply and benefit a lot. I have truly experienced the courage to challenge myself in the face of difficulties, the potential is forced out, the power of the team is infinite, we must believe in teammates, support and cooperate with each other; people must know how to be grateful, thank our parents for their upbringing, and thank the company for giving us A platform for employment, thanks to friends for their help in times of difficulty, and so on. (Attachment: Outward Bound Training Pictures)

On the morning of July 24, 2017, the mid-year sales work meeting - quality special meeting was held. Participants actively offered advice and suggestions, and put forward suggestions for improvement in view of the current quality problems. According to the relevant system of the company's rationalization proposals, General Manager Su gave on-the-spot rewards for the suggestions put forward by everyone.

On July 25, 2017, the mid-year sales work conference was continued. Cai Youchun, assistant general manager of Shengda Group, conducted sales training for sales personnel, and explained in detail some common sense of domestic and international transaction payments, sales personnel's responsibilities and obligations, and sales relevant requirements of the contract. Chen Hu, assistant general manager of Shengda Group, made requirements and guidance on after-sales work. In the afternoon, a special financial meeting for sales staff was held. Vice President Zhang Biyun made detailed requirements on sales contracts, receivables, and statement of accounts. The salesperson made a personal speech to summarize the sales situation in the first half of the year and put forward the goals and plans for the sales work in the second half of the year. Finally, General Manager Su made important instructions for this mid-year sales meeting, requiring all sales staff to make persistent efforts, be diligent and pragmatic, and focus on the company's "details, quality, customer service" business purpose to further develop the market and achieve great results in the second half of the year!

After the meeting, the human resources department compiled the minutes of the meeting, and implemented the quality rectification items and financial requirements one by one to the person in charge and the time limit for completion. (with pictures)

On the morning of August 8, 2017, the ERP July work summary and performance appraisal meeting was held. Zeng Huaan, Director of the General Manager Office of Shengda Group (KCLKA Machine ERP Project Director) presided over the meeting. The team leader and above management personnel of the company participated in the meeting. The achievements made through hard work in the two months since the start of the ERP project also pointed out the existing problems, and made detailed plans and requirements for the ERP project work in August. The general manager of Huizhongsu awarded the performance appraisal bonus to the performance appraisal personnel in July. (with pictures)

At 15:00 on August 9, 2017, the August general manager working meeting of KCLKA Machinery was held in the conference room on the second floor. Su Yongding, chairman of the board, Zeng Huaan, director of the general manager office of Shengda Group, and Tian Shoulong, deputy director of human resources, attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the chairman of the board. KCLKA Machine System executives, department managers, and workshop directors reviewed and summarized the work in July, and put forward goals and plans for the work in August. At the meeting, the chairman made clear instructions and requirements in response to the questions raised by everyone.

During the meeting, Su Yiyang, general manager of KCLKA Machinery, made important work arrangements and requirements for various systems and departments, and called on all management backbones to face up to existing problems with a pragmatic attitude and overcome all difficulties to solve them. Establish and improve various systems and processes, and promote KCLKA Machinery to move towards the goal of institutionalization, processization and standardization!

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