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The heavy joining of Italian technology brings KCLKA machinery and equipment manufacturing in line with the world's first-class level

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On the southeast coast of China, Jinjiang, a city with a long history, has been famous all over the world for its exquisite shoemaking technology and complete supporting system. In this fertile soil, KCLKA Machinery was born in Anhai, an important industrial town, at the right time, favorable location, and harmonious people.

In the past ten years of ups and downs, KCLKA Machinery has always been committed to the manufacture of footwear machinery, providing high-quality shoe-making equipment for domestic shoe-making factories. However, in the face of fierce competition in domestic and international markets, and rising labor costs in Chinese manufacturing, the traditional manufacturing industry is facing a new challenge. At the same time, equipment technology is also facing a turning point. KCLKA Machinery actively responds to the call of the country, "going out" and "bringing in" simultaneously, insists on leading development with technological innovation, actively cooperates with overseas technology, and strives to enhance product competitiveness and brand vitality.

Since the 1960s, western countries have relied on technological progress to transform traditional crafts, making the industry develop by leaps and bounds. In the manufacturing process of footwear machinery and equipment, Italy, a country located in southern Europe, is the originator of this industry and an important source of technological innovation and development.

This time, Mr. Romeo, the senior manager of the shoe machine industry in Italy, Mr. Lino, the mechanical engineer, and Mr. Mari, the electronic engineer, joined the KCLKA machine team and visited the company at the invitation of General Manager Su to guide the company's operation management and machine technical quality. promote. The three experts have been engaged in the shoe machine industry for nearly 39 years, have been to more than 50 countries, and have been serving as technical consultants for shoe companies in the United States, Russia, Finland, Spain, Italy, Brazil, and Indonesia all year round. The hands of the three experts have their own patents that have made great achievements in the shoemaking equipment industry. It is worth mentioning that the three experts are not only proficient in shoe-making equipment, but also have in-depth research on molds, specializing in some non-shoe shaped EVA injection molding molds. Mr. Lino personally owns the Italian EVA injection molding seat toilet mat patent.

Mr. Romeo is the executor of the European standard management concept and has rich experience in enterprise management. Mr. Linuo, a mechanical engineer, mainly works on mechanical rationalization design and standardization of precision mechanical assembly. Mr. Mali is an expert in electrical field. He uses electrical design to increase the degree of automation of equipment, so as to reduce the number of workers in the enterprise, directly reduce the cost of products, and improve the competitiveness of products. During the week-long work, three Italian experts set out to focus on the actual situation of the company, organized and carried out special meetings, and improved the company's management level and resource integration efficiency. In addition, the three experts personally arrived at the front-line workshop, communicated efficiently with the assembly staff, put forward their own opinions according to local conditions, and demonstrated the Italian assembly process for the staff. On the last day, the experts made a work report to General Manager Su, and praised KCLKA Machine many times in the report. In the report, experts have always emphasized that the overall strength of KCLKA machines is very close to the level of Italy, especially in the part of process manufacturing, which is more efficient than Italy. He believes that KCLKA machine has the strength to be comparable to other international shoe machine brands. He firmly believes that the next stage of the KCLKA team will be around the world, including developed countries such as Europe and the United States. He will also try his best to contribute to the realization of this goal. own strength.

General Manager Su spoke highly of the work of the three experts, and called on all KCLKA employees to learn from them, stay true to their original aspirations, and go all out to create greater glories for the future of KCLKA Machinery. He said that KCLKA’s integration with international technology will be unswerving in the future, and the visit of the experts is just the beginning; he firmly believes that the heavy joining of Italy’s solid and exquisite technology will make KCLKA’s machinery and equipment manufacturing bloom on the world stage brilliance.

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