Talent Concept

KCLKA Talent Concept

Adhering to the work tenet of "valuing talents, caring for talents, using talents, retaining talents, and promoting talents", ordinary people become excellent people, excellent people become outstanding people, and a steady stream of talents realize their lives here dream.

Cultivating and creating a talent team that wins market leadership, creates organizational advantages, leads value orientation, has a sense of mission and responsibility, and supports the realization of strategic goals is the continuous talent pursuit of KCLKA Machinery.

Cherish your inner dreams and pursuits, because with dreams, you will be more energetic, more creative, and more motivated to surpass other organizations and individuals, and realize the sublimation of your own realm.

Talent Management

Talent management starts from the needs of employees and enterprise development, and forms a differentiated management system for different talent groups around the construction of talent teams, forming a closed management loop of talent standards, planning, selection, training, use and retention.

Promote the multi-position, cross-functional and cross-industry experience of employees in key positions, continuously optimize the matching between people and positions, people and teams, and people and organizations, improve the structure and level of the talent team, and maintain the passion and vitality of the organization.

Improve the salary incentive mechanism to stimulate the creative enthusiasm and innovation vitality of talents. Establish a salary distribution system that highlights the incentive function, and a perfect backbone incentive plan.

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