Vertical Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Vertical Plastic Injection Molding Machine

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KCLKA Machine has followed the times and emerged at the historic moment. KCLKA people adhere to the excellent attitude of shoe equipments, and insist the business philosophy of "we walk alongside the world". Relying on high technology, constantly fighting, growing across the gap, the technical level and industry competitiveness continue to improve, KCLKA Machine has become a diversified, intelligent and personalized shoe machine full-line integrated manufacturing service provider integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and after-sale services.

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ltem Unit HYL-1200/3500M HYL-1500/5000DM
Injection Unit      
Screw Moder   Standard Standard
Screw Diameter mm 50 50 55 55
Injection Pressure mpa 115 115 115 115
Injection Cap(Max) cm³ 412 412 605 605
Shot Weight(Ps) g 350 350 540 540
Injection Speed g/s 150 150 160 160
Glamping Unit      
Clamping Model Hydraulic Hydraulic
Clamping Force ton 120 150
Max Mould Plate Stroke mm 270 200 270 200
Mould Thickness mm 250 150 250 150
Space Between The Bars mm 340*540 340*540
Mould Plate Size mm 540*740*120 540*740*120
Slide Stroke mm 600 600
Slide Size mm 520*1200 520*1200
Ejector Force km 40 40
Ejector Stroke mm 85 85
Max. Hydraultc Pressure kg/cm² 140 140
Pump Output   65 75
Motor Power kw 11 13
Heating Power kw 8.5 10.5
Machine Weight kg 3800 3600 4200  4000
Machine Dimension mm 1800*1500*3100/2900 1800*1500*3200/3000

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